Why use Postchup Twitter Hashtag Analytics?

You can analyze the public tweets with any hashtag to access these valuable data points:

  • Historic hashtag data over time Historic hashtag data over time
  • Total number of tweets with the hashtag Total number of tweets with the hashtag
  • Total number of unique tweeters that have used the hashtag Total number of unique users that tweeted the hashtag
  • Average number of tweets per user Average number of tweets per user with the hashtag
  • hashtag engagement Average number of likes and retweets per post
  • twitter Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis of the most popular and least popular tweets
  • tweet Image Recognition Image recognition analysis of the most popular photos tweeted
  • most popular tweets The most popular tweets with the hashtag
  • popular twitter hashtags Most commonly associated hashtags
  • hashtag activity Frequency of hashtagged tweets by hour, day across the week
  • export tweets Option to upgrade and export tweets to CSV
tweet hashtag analysis

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Twitter hashtag statistics

Analyze any hashtag on Twitter to see the key data over the last seven days.

Visualize your Twitter hashtag data by day of the week and time of the day in one easy graphic.

Our punch card chart will highlight the volume of hashtags tweeted across the week. This easily interpretable metric reveals when the hashtag is tweeted about the most and least. Review this insight and adjust the times you tweet based on popular times.

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See how many tweets a hashtag has.

Take these insights to discover how popular a particular hashtag is on Twitter. Draw from this to evaluate its benefit to your account, your tweets, or whether or not it should be introduced into your own social media strategy.

Our Twitter hashtag analytics also returns historic hashtag data on the number of unique users who tweeted about hashtags on the platform.

View the number of users that actively tweet with the chosen hashtags. This crucial data point identifies if the tag is popular across a range of users or if a smaller user base makes up a larger volume of these tweets.

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Instagram hashtag insights
export tweets

Download tweets with the hashtag to CSV.

Once you have purchased your Twitter hashtag report, you can unlock a CSV export of all of the publicly available tweets. This is massively helpful for running competitions, accessing content, analyzing sentiment, as well as generating your own graphs.

After unlocking your export, you can download and explore the tweet data in Excel and Google Sheets.

Popular twitter hashtags

Find out which tweets with any specific hashtag got the best engagement.

Your Twitter report will include average like and retweet counts so you can see the impact of any hashtag on engagement. Take this data point to fine tune your accounts use of hashtags and include more engaging tags in your tweets to help boost performance and exposure on the platform.

Our analytics for Twitter present the most popular tweets that feature the hashtag. We provide the top 10 most liked tweets so you can better understand hashtag performance.

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See what makes a popular photo using machine learning and computer vision.

We use machine learning as well as tried and tested object recognition algorithms to detect the objects that appear in the most popular tweets with the hashtag.

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twitter hashtag analytics
top tweets

Identify the most commonly associated hashtags.

This metric is based on the frequency of Twitter hashtags used in conjunction with your chosen hashtag. For example, more popular hashtags may have more associated hashtags than smaller niche or branded hashtags.

This data point could help you gain more Twitter exposure via the use of related hashtags. Encourage engagement if these relevant hashtags match the interests of your target audience.

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We've got you covered on Instagram hashtags too.

Postchup's collection of social media tools also includes Instagram hashtag analytics which offers 10+ key metrics as well as data exports.

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twitter hashtag analytics

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