Social Media Consultancy

Sometimes you need a little help.

From bespoke insights to support for a social media strategy, we have a team that can help. And like our analytics, we can help you on a project by project basis.

Social Media Consultancy from Postchup

Lead by Digital Marketing veteran, Jamie Riddell, our crack team lead can work with you to answer a specific social media requirement or create datasets using our own tools. They can design and build custom social analyses just for you, run the data and provide reports in a number of different formats.

We understand the impacts of GDPR on social media data, and the limitations recently set by Facebook and Instagram. Working together, our social media consultancy can help you understand what is possible, what is not, and what is ethical before undertaking any project.

Much of our bespoke work is confidential so you won’t find our social media consultancy shared across these pages. Recent projects have included a ‘deep dive’ into the psychology of Instagram Hashtags for a leading British Digital Marketing Masterclass in the Hospitality Industry.

An Instagram account migration strategy and implementation for an Australian firm has been another recent success.

Every project is different and our quotes include costs and timescales.

Each of the social media platforms provides some analytics for its account, page or channel users. These enable administrators to access some useful data about their own activity but not about how other brands, companies or organizations are using them. This is where BirdSong Analytics can help. With our tool you can research the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube statistics for any public accounts, pages or channels, as often as you like.

The Postchup platform is used globally by agencies, publishers, researchers, journalists, legal firms, data analysts, SMEs, charities, and large corporations.

Every project starts with a simple question. Ask yours here..