Which Instagram Account Analytics Insights Do We Offer?

You can analyze the Instagram profiles that you're admin of to access the following data points:

  • instagram account analytics Key headline statistics for your profile
  • instagram account activity Account activity plotted by hour of day & day of week
  • instagram account insights The hashtags you include the most in your captions
  • free instagram analytics Engagement from filters & frequency of use
  • free instagram account analytics Your account's most popular posts
Instagram Account Analytics
instagram account statistics

Grab Your Key Headline Statistics

We provide the top headline figures that are important to monitoring your social media growth. Our Instagram Analytics reveals your latest following, follower, and posts totals for your account. Ensure you log in regularly to view your most up to date stats.

You will also be able to explore richer Instagram insights including:

  • Follower to following ratio
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post

Are you gaining more followers and engagement? Check back frequently to measure and benchmark this statistic.

Review Your Instagram Activity

Our easy to read data visualizations make it effortless to view your frequency of posts.

Identify the times you are active the most and least or evaluate your own posting patterns. Postchup will provide you with the exact number of Instagram posts you've shared at any given hour across the days of the week.

Did you know? There is actually a best time to post on Instagram to enhance engagement. These golden, optimal times can make a real difference in the number of likes and comments you receive.

Are there opportunities you need to take advantage of?

instagram account analyzer
instagram analytics tool

What Are Your Most Popular Filters & Hashtags?

Our free Instagram account checkup will highlight the filters and hashtags that accompany your posts the most.

View the top 10 hashtags you post about most when sharing content, as well as the number of times you have posted with those hashtags.

Are there filters and hashtags you should include more often?

Postchup can also provide advanced Instagram Hashtag Analytics for any hashtag.

Which Filters Are The Most Engaging?

Identify which of the Instagram filters you apply to your posts receive the most engagement.

We rank the top filters that you've used ordered by average likes and comments. Evaluate the post performance and utilize appealing filters to see if you can boost Instagram engagement rate.

Don't forget to return to Postchup regularly to monitor the impact of your top Instagram filters.

instagram account analytics
analyze instagram account

What Are Your Instagram Account's Top Posts?

Explore your account's most popular posts to discover your top 10 most liked, and top 10 most commented on uploads.

Click on the post to view it in its entirety on Instagram and assess captions for wider social media marketing purposes. Review these posts to identify common themes which could impact your future posting success.

Have You Tried Our Other Social Media Tools?

For a comprehensive analysis of social media, combine Postchup's Twitter Hashtag Analytics with Instagram Hashtag Analytics. Explore and evaluate the essential hashtag data to help amplifiy your campaigns.