Why use Postchup Instagram Account Analytics?

You can analyze your own Instagram account to access the following data points:

  • instagram account statistics Key headline statistics
  • instagram account activity Post frequency shown by day of the week and time of day
  • instagram account insights Commonly used hashtags
  • free instagram analytics Filter usage and popular filters
  • free instagram account analytics Your account's most popular posts
Instagram Account Analytics
instagram account statistics

Get your headline statistics

Log in regularly to our Instagram analytics tools for the latest numbers on followers, following, and posts for your account. We also provide richer Instagram insights including:

  • Follower to following ratio
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post

Are you gaining more followers and engagement?

Review your post activity

Our easy to read graphics make it effortless to view your posting frequency.

Identify when you are active. We will provide you with the exact number of Instagram posts at any given hour across the days of the week.

Are there opportunities across the week that you’re not taking advantage of?

Review your post activity
popular filters and hashtags

What are your most popular filters and hashtags?

Our free Instagram account checkup will reveal which filters and hashtags your account publishes the most.

View the top 10 hashtags you post about when sharing new content on the platform and the number of times those hashtags have been posted about, from your Instagram profile.

Are there filters and hashtags you should use more often?

Postchup can also provide advanced Instagram hashtag analytics for any hashtag.

Which of your filters are the most engaging?

Identify which of Instagram’s top applied filters receive the most engagement on your posts.

View the post performance of the top filters by average likes and average comments.

Utilize this data to see if these filters can boost engagement rates on your posts moving forward.

Which of your filters are the most engaging
Popular Instagram photos

What are your most popular posts?

Explore your account's top posts and find out which were your top 10 most liked, and top 10 most commented on. Click on the post to view it in its entirety on Instagram and review social phrasing for wider social media marketing purposes.

Review these posts to identify common themes which could impact your future posting success.

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