Social Media Engagement Metrics 2018

Social media engagement metrics, simply and effectively denote engaging content.

Whether it be Instagram or Twitter, Postchup has the tools to provide you with the engagement statistics you need.

social media engagement metrics

Social Media Engagement Metrics From Postchup

Postchup’s offering can help you identify the social media engagement metrics you are after. Plus, we also share with you some industry statistics so you can see the bigger picture.

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Instagram Engagement Insights

Instagram is one of the most engaging platforms. It also boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users who are busy double-tapping posts and leaving comments left, right and center. Ergo, Instagram marketing as at the front of every social media marketers queue.

  • The average number of likes per post is 1,261
  • The best time to post on Instagram for engagement is 5pm on a Wednesday
  • Photos with faces gather 38% more engagement
  • Location posts receive 79% more engagement
  • Posts with at least one hashtag gather 12% more engagement

Furthermore, you may be interested in the wider Instagram statistics that cover users, posts, engagement, and more.

As part of all standard Instagram Hashtag Analytics reports, we highlight the key social media engagement metrics so you can truly see how engaging hashtags of interest actually are.

social media engagement metrics

Along with 10+ key insights, we will also reveal the most liked and most commented on posts for your chosen hashtags.

social media engagement metrics

Sample our Instagram demo report for free here.

Once your report is complete, you will have the added option to unlock a CSV export of analyzed posts. Here you can further interrogate engagement, and rank and filter the data for a richer assessment.

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Twitter Engagement Statistics

Twitter will be a vital platform for sharing your brand or businesses content. Furthermore, it should be a staple piece in your social strategy. That being said, any social strategy will always benefit from more engagement and Postchup can share the key social media engagement metrics you need to know.

With our Twitter Hashtag Analytics, you can find out and measure Twitter engagement rate. For any hashtag, our tool will reveal the average number of likes and retweets for the publicly available tweets that contain the chosen hashtag.

social media engagement metrics

One of the core insights available is the most liked tweets from the last seven days for the analyzed hashtag (Twitter themselves set the limit to seven days).

social media engagement metrics

Click here to sample our Twitter demo report for free.

As with our Instagram reports, once the Twitter analytics is also complete, you download tweets to CSV for a more in-depth evaluation.

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How Engaging Is Your Content?

For a richer insight into profile performance and to explore the social media engagement metrics, try our Free Instagram Account Analytics. Every single time you log back into the analytics tool, we will provide you with the freshest, most up to date data.

Most Frequently Captioned Hashtags

social media engagement analytics

We show you the most used hashtags you include in the captions of your posts.

Filters Do Impact Engagement

twitter engagement insights

Along with your most popular Instagram filters, our account analytics will reveal the average engagement insights from your top filters.

Best Performing Content

social media engagement metrics

You can learn a lot from your most liked photo on Instagram. Review hashtags, filters, and captions to see how you can up your Instagame.

Follower/Following Ratio

instagram engagement insights

Your Instagram follower ratio is a real indication of how popular you actually are.

Additionally, Postchup offers a social media consultancy service. Our team of in-house experts can work with you on campaigns and projects to help you hit your social media goals. Have you considered working with an Instagram influencer? Marketers are already sanctioning greater budgets for their next campaigns.

Social Media Analytics From Postchup

Alongside the social media engagement metrics we supply, both our Twitter and Instagram reports provide 10+ essential insights for any hashtags.

social media engagement metrics

All reports are purchased based on days of data. Therefore, the further back in time you wish to analyze, the more your Instagram report will cost. However, Twitter themselves have set a limit of a seven-day window. That means we can only supply insights from the most recent seven days from the time of purchase.

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