Most Used Hashtags On Instagram & Twitter [2018]

What are the most used hashtags on Instagram and Twitter? Our social media analytics will reveal these vital insights.

most used hashtags

How To Find The Most Used Hashtags

With Postchup, it is ever so simple and straightforward to see the most used hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. You can even export posts and tweets to CSV for an even finer review of content.

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Most Used Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags are core to Instagram marketing and Instagram optimization. They’re fundamental to any social media strategy and have become iconic in the social era. They are very much a source of discovery, contributing to reach, impressions, and that all important engagement. Ergo, it is an undeniable claim that the hashtag is invaluable on Instagram.

A key insight that our Instagram Hashtag Analytics will unveil is the most used hashtags on Instagram. When you run a report on your chosen hashtag, our Instagram tool will reveal the 25 most used hashtags in the captions of posts.

most used hashtags on instagram

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Popular Instagram hashtags are popular for a reason. Their inclusion in captions serve a great purpose, hence why brand campaigns heavily revolve around unique tags. Furthermore, the right use of the most used hashtags can propel your content to more impressive heights around the topics and industries that matter to you the most.

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Most Used Hashtags On Twitter

Twitter was the social innovator that established the hashtag as an iconic social media symbol. Even more so that Twitter trending hashtags are constantly showcased in-app and via desktop – they’re inescapable and equally as vital here too.

Likewise, as our Instagram tool, Postchup’s Twitter Hashtag Analytics will also reveal the most used hashtags. Just punch in the hashtag of interest and our tool will return the top 25 hashtags most commonly featured in the tweets alongside the analyzed tag.

most used hashtags on twitter

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Additionally, the likes of Twitter engagement rate and visibility of Twitter chats can see notable little boosts as hashtags can increase the chances of making more impressions in news feeds.

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What About Your Most Used Hashtags?

Our Free Instagram Analytics will reveal the hashtags you use the most in the captions of your posts. Every time you log into our account analytics, you will be presented with the freshest, most up to date insights for your profile.

Most Used Hashtags

most used hashtags

We show you the hashtags you include the most often in the captions of your posts. You’re allowed to share up to 30 hashtags per caption so avoid unnecessary tags where possible.

Filters Impact Engagement

most used hashtags

Along with your most popular Instagram filters, our free analytics will reveal the engagement insights behind your top filters.

Best Performing Posts

most used hashtags

Your top posts may hold the secrets behind their popularity. Review hashtags, filters, and captions to see what epiphanies may arise.

Follower/Following Ratio

most used hashtags

Your Instagram follower ratio is a telling sign of how popular your account is. Hashtags also exist to boost and grow your audience. The right use of the right hashtags may be more beneficial to both you and your target audience so best to take advantage of them first!

Simply connect your Instagram account to your Postchup profile to start reviewing your latest Instagram statistics.

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