How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Does the Instagram algorithm give you social media grief? You’re not alone!

Let us guide you through the techniques needed to overcome the harsh reality of social media algorithms. Furthermore, turn to our social media tools to give your posts an added kick.

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How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work?

A question every Instagrammer wants to know the answer to. Once upon a time, the Instagram algorithm ranked posts chronological based on the time and date they were posted. But, not anymore. Posts are now presented in a way based on popularity and what Instagram thinks is more important to you. Essentially, your posts are now presented to a smaller pool of users.

Factors such as engagement are now fundamental for visibility. When you upload a post, its engagement rate is one of the most essential elements that dictates who and how many users will see it. The higher the engagement, the higher the chance that more people will see it and engage with it. Thus, the post can grow and garner greater exposure.

Applying some social media science to your posts can help them go a long way and Postchup’s expert insights unlock the data needed to help propel your content.

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6 Power Tips To Outsmart The Instagram Algorithm

As with an algorithm, it can be hacked (to an extent at least!). We don’t actually mean ‘hack’, oh no, no, no. We mean outsmart… And, you can do it too.

Host contests: Instagram giveaways are an effective option to seriously boost your engagement. Your entry criteria will require users to either like, comment, tag, report or a combination of the lot. Ergo, engagement. This higher rate works to Instagram’s liking meaning your post will have a higher chance of appearing in the feeds of more users.

User activity: Posting during active hours increases the visibility of your posts. If more people are actively browsing, posting and engaging on Instagram, then you won’t want to miss out. Posting at these popular times means that there will be more active users to see your posts.

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Trending hashtags: Topical trends and popular content is popular for a reason. it is because people are sharing posts with these hashtags which helps them boom. Jumping on these has great short-term impacts for posts so take a punt.

Optimize hashtags: Associated and related hashtags serve a crucial purpose. Including them alongside your posts can help boost engagement, reach more fo your target audience, as well as help you crack the top posts. Hashtag marketing is vital and all of this can see you beat the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram algorithm

Branding: Implementing a strong and aesthetic style can work wonders for your account. Visual design and layout is one tactic which may amplify your posts. So much so, users may engage purely because they appreciate the consistent style. Instagram influencers, and the regular use of call to actions wouldn’t go amiss too!

Share visuals that people actually want to see: Your content is more likely to attract likes and comments if people actually want to see it. You could deploy popular hashtags but if irrelevant and spammy, it’s more likely to do bad than good. You need to share visuals that include images that people expect to see when searching topics and hashtags.

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It is a recommended best practice to test social content. Evaluating and measuring Instagram performance can unlock a whole new realm of insights which could assist the growth of your account. Social media analytics are now fundamental so it really is time you took advantage of them.

Bonus tip: Cross promotion of your posts on Twitter and Facebook could encourage even more engagement across multiple channels.

Hashtags Are The Key To Beating Instagram’s Algorithm

Hashtags demand great respect and attention, especially if you actually want your posts to be seen on the platform. The magic hashtags are the ones you really need to focus on. And, these so-called magic hashtags are different for everyone…

You need to include the most relevant hashtags for your posts and account. These are the ones that lead your target audience to discover your content. For example, if your niche is renewable energy, then you will require the top 25-30 tags that are used the most in conjunction with #renweableenergy.

How can I find them? Say hi to Instagram hashtag analytics.

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Take your lead and most important hashtag. Run a report on it. Then, view the most associated hashtags and include them in your captions (don’t forget to draw from all our other key insights!).

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How Does Your Account Perform?

Measuring your Instagram performance is easy with Postchup. Plus, it’s very much something you should do frequently. Every time you log into our free Instagram account analytics, we’ll show you the latest statistics for your accounts.

Grab your latest headline stats

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Stay updated on your Instagram account figures including the all-important engagement rate.

See your top posts

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When you view the analytics, we will show you your most liked Instagram photos. You’ll see the same for comments too. What can you learn from them?

Follower ratio

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One of the key metrics we offer is your Instagram follower ratio. Benchmark these figures to monitor and keep track of account growth.

Top filters

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Did you know? Filters actually have an impact on engagement rate. See your most popular Instagram filters to see how you could get more likes and comments.

Popular hashtags

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Our account analytics identifies the hashtags you include the most in your captions. Are you using the right ones?

Furthermore, combine all of our tools for a comprehensive social media analysis.

Elevate Social Performance With Help From The Postchup Team

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