How To Create A Memorable Brand Hashtag & Campaign

Brand campaigns and hashtags have become what a company stands for on social media. They form identity, persona, and build communities which help branded content grow.

With Postchup, you can grab all the key brand hashtag insights you need with our Twitter and Instagram tools.

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Why Do I Need A Brand Hashtag?

There is no real question about it. You need one. If your brand is lacking its own focused hashtag, then its very much time you introduced one. Implementation of a specific brand campaign could mean you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Create, maintain, and raise brand awareness
  • Increase the visibility of your content across major platforms
  • Promote events, new releases, products
  • Build an online community to further audience engagement
  • Benchmark and measure the impact of your content
  • An efficient way of managing social media giveaways
  • Boost followers, likes, retweets, comments
  • Reinforce brand attitudes and mantra

As a staple component to any Instagram marketing strategy, SMEs, all the way up to global organizations revel in and share dedicated brand hashtags. It is time you joined the club.

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5 Pro Tips To Create The Ultimate Brand Hashtag

To give your hashtag marketing the edge it needs, combining the following elements can be a surefire way to take it off the ground.

  • Be original: Originality is a vital cog in the social media marketing machine. Copycat campaigns are often uninspiring and says an awful lot about a businesses creativity.
  • Keep it simple: Complexity comes with a risk, and this time there’s no ‘high risk, high reward’ saga. Don’t include too many words or phrases people will find difficult to interpret. Ensure clarity and precision is present.
  • Video: Video content is more engaging than text or imagery. To increase the chance of your brand campaign going viral, a video could boost its chance.
  • Fun: A boring, unengaging concept won’t get you the results you want. An exciting content strategy is a happy content strategy. This is your chance to let personality shine through and create discussion with your tag.
  • Brand values: Remember to convey the right attitude that is right for your target audience. If humor is your go-to brand personality on Twitter and Instagram, there is nothing to stop you from adding that to your hashtag campaign.

Brand campaigns are what business, organizations, bloggers and all other accounts can be recognized for on social media. They very much become a form of social identity, and once deployed, they’re likely to be associated with your profile forever.

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Postchup Hashtag Analytics For Brand Hashtags

You can grab all the essential insights you need for your brand campaign with our social media analytics.

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We offer rich, in-depth analysis of any hashtags on Twitter and Instagram so you can acquire the data and knowledge you need on your campaign. Explore the following metrics:

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Benchmark your hashtag stats regularly for your brand campaigns to measure performance over time. You can export tweet and post data to CSV for further evaluation or to store all the content from your brand hashtag.

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5 Prime Examples Of Brand Campaigns Done Right

Brand campaigns are very much an ongoing project. Once it goes viral, you’re stuck with the hashtag. It is what people associate your business with on social so draw from the success of the brands who got this bit right.

#ShareACoke – This is one of the most iconic brand campaigns to exist. It encouraged mass engagement and mass use when users uploaded photos of themselves with the slogan and popular drink.

#TweetFromTheSeat – Embodying everything loo-related, Charmin’s brand hashtag still lives on today. Why? It works – they perfectly entwine their number one product with toilet humor (see we can do it too).

#ORIGINALis – A more recent example is Adidas. Their brand hashtag was designed to bolster the release of their new Originals line. Working with the right angles and influencers, the sports giant also released a video which added to its impact.

#MyCalvins – This CK campaign worked wonders on Instagram. User shared uploads of themselves in their CK branded goods with the hashtag. This caused mass engagement with the brand, their official account, and well-known faces gave this hashtag an extra kick.

#TeamVisa – This is more than just a hashtag campaign. For VISA, this is how they tell the story of how their brand helps sportspeople achieve their dreams. It is a great social asset to be able to share such inspiring content that is not just solely brand orientated.

But, things do not always go according to plan…

British Gas (#AskBG) and Uber (#YourTaxis) both experienced nightmares with previous brand campaigns. In both cases, both businesses were called out online and forced to abandon the hashtag and rethink their strategy. These howlers do not just appear overnight and associated content with the branding still exists on the likes of Twitter today.

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