What Instagram’s New Explore Page Update Means For Content Discovery

Instagram’s new explore page design now features ‘topics’, revealing relevant hashtags & content to boost personalization.

This update is crucial to creators, marketers, and social media managers. See why this will be a game changer for your account and posts…

instagram explore tab

What’s New?

Instagram continues to evolve. We are seeing more and more new updates which are forever changing the platform.

Henceforth, the explore page has been refreshed, and in the process, Instagram has introduced ‘topics’ which sit atop of this page. Topic channels were introduced on June 26, 2018, with the aim of better categorizing content for you to make it more accessible. For example, art, food, fitness, nature etc, are now functions you can tap on which takes you to specific types of content.

instagram explore tab

Exploring topics presents you with focused posts. Instagram also shows this content based on what it believes you will be interested in via machine learning and AI to provide a more tailored experience.

instagram explore page

Instagram topics then let users fine-tune this content even more by supplying related hashtags which instantly take you to a collection of tagged posts.

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How Will This Impact Posts?

The explore tab already presents posts it believes you will engage and be interested in. But this does not necessarily mean they are popular.

Posts are flung into topics based on a number of criteria such as hashtags, the account that posted, as well as influence from AI. Even under these topic headings, hashtags have the ability to make posts popular within the channel. That’s why a great emphasis is placed on optimizing our accounts, the posts we publish, how we phrase captions, and ultimately dictate the hashtags we will use.

Content optimization can, therefore, aid key metrics such as reach, impressions, and engagement.

How To Make Instagram Content More Discoverable

Dominating the top spots in the most popular spaces atop of the hashtag search is no easy feat. Rest assured it is possible.

There are several crucial elements that can increase your chances of Instagram deeming your posts as popular:

Many elements which will often be out of your hands such as audience size, and virality may impact chances but the above could help boost your odds.

How To Optimize Instagram Hashtags

A key way to effectively optimize hashtag use can be done with the help of our Instagram Hashtag Analytics.

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We offer 10+ valuable metrics and insights for any hashtags on Instagram, including:

ig explore tab

We will reveal the top 25 most associated hashtags which users include in their captions when sharing posts that are related to the hashtag you opted to analyze. Take these tags and add them to your captions and note for changes in account performance.

ig explore page

Our tool also highlights the objects that appear in the most popular tagged posts. Pro tip: try uploading posts with these objects in!

instagram explore hashtagsAlternatively, we highlight the top 10 most commented on and liked posts for your chosen hashtag. See what you can learn from their content and posts and how you can enhance yours.

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