Hashtag Contest Master Guide & How To Pick Winners

Hashtag contest tips and tricks for hosting successful Instagram competitions and giveaways.

Our ultimate guide will provide you with all you need to know to ensure you get contests right from day one. Postchup social media tools can also help you pick winners.

Getting Started With A Hashtag Contest

Hashtag contests are a great way to engage users on Instagram. They help you get likes and comments, raise a massive awareness of your account, and all you have to do is give something away. Simple.

The first thing here is to actually choose the hashtag you want Instagrammers to use when entering your competition. Ideally, this should be a custom tag so you can see the uniqueness of the hashtag when people enter. This is best for monitoring your giveaway and will seriously help you pick a winner.

Secondly, you need to decide on the entry criteria. For example, to be considered a valid entrant, will users:

  • Comment with a specific hashtag
  • Tag users with the competition hashtag
  • Share a post on their profile with that hashtag

Once you have opted for a route of entry, you can share your primary post informing users of the giveaway, how they can enter, and by which date.

Top tip: Make sure you follow Instagram’s sweepstake rules.

Finding Instagram Contest Hashtags That Actually Work

For maximum exposure, Instagram giveaway hashtags can help propel your competition post onto the screens of more users. That’s where our Instagram hashtag analytics comes in.

You can search for any hashtag, and run a report to get all the key insights you need. We reveal 10 key hashtag metrics including engagement statistics, the volume of use, as well as show the top 25 associated hashtags. This latter insight could be key to reaching more Instagrammers and making more impressions via discovery and in people’s feeds.

hashtag contest

Run a report on #giveaway, for example, to see which other hashtags similar posts feature. Alternatively, you can review the top posts to see what you can learn in the hope you can mimic their success.

Picking Winners From Hashtag Contests

Depending on how you have asked users to enter, there a numerous ways in how you can pick a winner. The good thing is, we can help you with all those possible ways.

Pick a winner from hashtags:

If you have been encouraging the use of a certain hashtag that is unique to your post, run it through our Instagram hashtag analytics. You can unlock a post export to see everyone who shared a post with the hashtag. Download it to CSV where you can sift through the file and pick your winner.

Pick a winner from comments:

To pick a winner from the comments on your post simply download Instagram comments to CSV. Here, you can see everyone who has commented and entered. You can check the validity of the comments then pick a winner. Easy.

How Popular Are You Hashtag Contest Posts?

To review you sweepstake’s performance, turn to our free Instagram account analytics. Assess content and posts, as well as benchmark key account statistics.

Most Likes Posts

instagram contest hashtags

Did your hashtag contest post become one of your most liked photos? Did it gain more comments that previous giveaways? Our analytics will answer these important questions.

Average Account Engagement

instagram giveaway hashtags

Check to see if your average likes and comments have improved. Return regularly to get the latest stats.

Follow Growth

hashtag contests

Get your most up to date Instagram follower ratio. Benchmark prior to and post sweepstake to monitor account growth.

Engaging Filters

hashtag contest

See your most popular Instagram filters in terms of which ones see you gather greater levels of engagement.

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