How To Search Facebook Comments

Search Facebook comments for keywords and phrases, analyze sentiment or find the most popular emojis with some help from Postchup.

Our social media tools can help you export comments from Facebook to CSV or Excel so you can search the document and find the insights you need.

Getting Started…

To search Facebook comments, first of all, you must create a Postchup profile (don’t worry, it is free!). You will then be able to access our Facebook comment export tool, as well as the other analytics we offer.

Follow these 5 simple steps to start taking your social media game to the next level:

search facebook comments

Once you have signed up, you can start a new comment export by entering the URL of a post from any public page. Confirm it’s the correct one, pay for the report, and download the comments to CSV to start searching through them.

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How To Download & Search Facebook Comments

As long as the post you are interested in comes from a publicly available Facebook page, our tool can download the comments. Postchup will be able to export the 5,000 most recent primary comments. This is the limit that Facebook has actually set themselves so it is not possible to download more than this figure.

Once you have identified the post, when the report is complete, you can easily download it. When exported to CSV, the opened document will look like this:

search facebook comments

The key data field you will be interested in will be the “content”, aka the comments from Facebook users.

search facebook comments by keyword

Here, you can begin to search Facebook comments for your criteria of interest. This could include keyword lookup, answers or thought benchmarking or picking winners from Facebook comment contests.

search facebook comments for keyword

You will also be able to explore a number of valuable metrics such as:

  • Facebook comment ID
  • The time & date the comment was made
  • Number of likes comments received

Download our sample comment export here.

Why Should I Search Facebook Comments?

Whether it be for marketing or personal purposes, there could come a time when you need to take a thorough look at comments. Below, are some of the top examples of why brands and business export comments with Postchup:

  • Pick winners from Facebook contests
  • Market research
  • Understand why certain comments become popular
  • Measure Facebook user response
  • Identify patterns and trends
  • Categorize your engaged audience
  • Keyword or key phrase lookup
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Archive Facebook comments
  • Calculate when a page’s fans are most active

Search Facebook comments in CSV where you can further assess the publicly available comments at the time of the export.


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