How to View & Sort Instagram Posts by Likes or Comments

Sort Instagram posts by likes, comments or date to see the top posts for any hashtag on Instagram with Postchup’s social media tools.

Our free account analytics will also reveal the most popular posts for your own account.

Follow this guide to see how you can access these valuable insights.

Getting Started…

You can analyze ANY hashtag on Instagram with our Instagram Hashtag Analytics. From here you can then look into ranking or filtering the posts.

To start using our smart tools, simply create an account and follow these steps:

sort instagram posts by likes

The tool you will need is our hashtag analytics which will return all the available public posts for your chosen hashtag at the time the report is run. All you have to do is select the hashtags you are interested in and the timeframe for the analysis. We will then do the rest!

How To Sort Instagram Posts By Likes & Comments

As part of all Instagram hashtag reports, Postchup will provide you with the posts from your chosen hashtag which have accrued the most amount of likes and most amount of comments. You can also define the date range, going back to the time Instagram launched.

You can export the post data to CSV where you can begin ranking photos.

Follow these 6 steps:

  1. Create a free Postchup account (if you haven’t done so already)
  2. Click ‘new report’ and select “Instagram hashtag analytics’
  3. Enter your hashtag and choose the timeframe for the analysis
  4. Check the price and then click ‘confirm’ to start the report
  5. You will be emailed when ready which will take you to the report
  6. Unlock the export feature where you can filter the posts

sort instagram posts by likes

sort instagram posts by comments
See the most liked and most commented on posts for any hashtag on Instagram with Postchup.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Our Instagram Hashtag Analytics will present you with the top 10 most liked and commented on photos for any hashtag. As well as this, you can export all the available public posts to CSV where you can sort Instagram posts by likes or comments.

Access the following insights too:

sort instagram posts by likes
Access all these insights with our Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Click here to try our demo report.

Free Instagram Analytics

You can access a selection of similar insights for your own profile.

With our free Instagram account analytics, you can view:

Your most popular posts

rank instagram posts

Check out your most liked Instagram photos. Every time you log back into Postchup, we will refresh the data so you can see all the latest stats.

Account headline stats

instagram post stats

We present the fundamental stats for the account such as your Instagram follower ratio and key engagement metrics.

Post frequency

instagram post frequency

Review when you are active on Instagram and discover the times where you are not online.

Most published hashtags

top hashtags for posts

The Postchup Instagram hashtags cheat sheet will help you take better advantage of hashtags, how to optimize them, and the key metrics to focus on to boost performance.

When you link your Instagram account with your Postchup profile, you will be able to access these data points for free.

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