5 Things We Learnt About #MothersDay 2018 on Instagram

#MothersDay & Instagram snaps go hand-in-hand.

The platform was full of users sharing photos and memories of their mums this #MothersDay weekend.

Here are 5 things which we learned…

1 – There were more than 190,000 #MothersDay posts on Instagram on 11/03/18.


2 – On average, each #MothersDay post was liked 57 times, receiving an average of two comments.

hashtag mothersday

3 – According to associated hashtags, #flowers was the most popular gift hashtagged.

mothers day on instagram

4 – The most liked post gained over 145,000 likes and came from @prettylittlething.

5 – The most commented on uploads were all, in fact, Instagram contests.

instagram mothers day

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