GoPro Dominates #TravelTuesday On Instagram In 2017

#TravelTuesday is a popular hashtag for sharing travel-related posts on Instagram, on a Tuesday. Nearly a quarter of a million posts tagged with #traveltuesday were shared on Instagram during 2017.

We look back at #traveltuesday by the numbers to find out which posts were the most popular this year.

#TravelTuesday By The Numbers:

  • 232,627 posts were tagged #traveltuesday
  • 55,547 different users posted with the hashtag
  • Each account posted on average 4 posts with the #traveltuesday hashtag
  • On average 676 posts were shared every day of 2017

Unsurprisingly almost all posts were shared on a Tuesday with a small run on into Wednesday which may simply be a reflection of timezones around the world.

gopro instagram #traveltuesday
Post Activity by Day and Hour (UTC)

78% of posts had no filter, hopefully reflecting the beauty of their chosen travel destination. Of the posts with filters, the most popular filter used was Clarendon followed by Lark, and then Juno. Clarendon is the first filter in the app which is why, we think, it is the most used of all Instagram filter.

On average, a post received almost 200 likes and 6 comments. The top 5 most liked posts had over 200,000 likes on each post. The most commented posts saw a larger range of comments, from almost 2,500 to 17,000 for the most popular comments.

GoPro Instagram Account Dominates

The travel hashtag has been posted around the world, from accounts large and small, however, it was brands that dominated the most engaging posts of the year.

The GoPro Instagram account dominated the most liked posts with 4 of the 5 most popular posts. Popular posts for comments showed a greater variety of accounts including United, Walt Disney World, iLuggage World and actress Lana Parrilla sharing the honours.

Video Wins

The most liked post this year was officially a video file but looks more like a live or animated image than full on movie. All other popular posts were ‘traditional images.

The Most Liked Post…


The Most Commented On Photo…

Coming right at ya, Tuesday. #TravelTuesday 📷: @unitedflyerhd

A post shared by United (@united) on


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