3 Top Tips To Boost #Thanksgiving Instagram Posts

With #Thanksgiving just around the corner in the US, we’ve used our very own data to see how you can boost the performance of your Instagram posts.

We have analyzed #Thanksgiving posts since the dawn of Instagram with our very own Instagram Hashtag Analytics.

1. Try These Hashtags

We’ve identified the top 25 most common Thanksgiving hashtags.

Top 5 Associated Hashtags:

  • #family
  • #thankful
  • #love
  • #turkey
  • #fall

Throwing these popular hashtags into your Thanksgiving posts could see your uploads reach more Instagrammers, as well as receive more likes and comments.

2. Post At These Times

According to our analysis, certain times are more saturated than others. Publishing #Thanksgiving posts at these popular times could see your uploads get lost amongst all the other Thanksgiving posts.

As expected, Thursday is the most popular day to post, suggesting there is very little buildup when it comes down to sharing #Thanksgiving posts before the big day.

Try posting early in the day or later on the eve when fewer people are posting.

3. Apply These Filters

Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter applied to #Thanksgiving posts.

Other popular filters for editing images include Lark, Juno, Ludwig, and Gingham. Adding them to your posts could enhance the aesthetic, making them more likable.

What Else Did We Learn?

  • US Thanksgiving is more popular than Canadian Thanksgiving
  • On Thursday, November 2016, there were 644,605 public Instagram #Thanksgiving posts
  • 8pm is the most popular time to post
  • 11% of Thanksgiving posts feature #family
  • The most liked #Thanksgiving post is an #ad

#Thanksgiving On Instagram

Instagram has become a food archive of glorious meals and dishes. And that will only boom with Thanksgiving.

There are more than 11 million Instagram posts for #Thanksgiving, which includes a mix of public and private posts.

And on the fourth Thursday of November, this eleven million figure should erupt.

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